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Your team needs context to succeed

Working in a fast-paced environment can be overwhelming. Whatis helps your team get all the information they need to succeed, at the right place and right time.

Information surfaced in context

Spreadsheets, documents and wiki pages quickly get out of date leaving new employees stranded and managers answering repetitive questions.

Give new joiners an easier way to understand your team's jargon, acronyms, and other context, right in Slack and Chrome.

Drive adoption of the SaaS tools you've already invested in.

Designed for a remote-first world

Make it easy to find information across teams and timezones to promote asynchronous learning.

Document playbooks, processes, and concepts that are key to your company’s growth.

Improve information accessibility and inclusion

Make recorded video searchable giving all your teammates access to the information they need

Whatis gives you critical insights into what, when and how your team searches your information.

Identify gaps in your team's knowledge with search analytics.

The information you need to do your best work

You shouldn't have to context switch to find information. Access everything you need right from Slack and Chrome

Unlock company knowledge lost in recorded video

Upload any recorded video and make it searchable and shareable across your team. Make recorded meeting and video content accessible to your whole team.

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Your team needs access to information to do their jobs

The Whatis glossary centralized all of your company's internal jargon, terminology, project names, and more.

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Trusted by hundreds of innovative organizations

"At Simply Business, we have many acronyms, system names, terminology and project names. Whatis has helped to demystify our terminology for new employees and create a shared understanding of our language, for new and existing employees alike."

Success Stories

Sian East, Technical Writer
Simply Business

"One of our top priorities is to make Wayve a friendly and inclusive environment. Whatis makes it super easy and fun for anyone to access our company lingo straight from where conversations are already happening! Whatis automatically onboarding new Joiners onto the app also really saves our the P&C team time!"

Success Stories

Carolin Fleissner
VP of People and Culture, Wayve

"We've all had that situation where we come across a term we don't understand, and we think to ourselves, 'Should I know what that means?', Whatis has been invaluable for our team"

Success Stories

Jennie Hertzler
People Operations Partner, Divvy

Built to Empower Every Team

HR & Onboarding
Scale company culture and ensure new joiners have all the context to hit the ground running and feel included.
Sales Enablement
Access playbooks, script, competitor battlecards, and more right from the tools your sales team uses every day.
Get your new engineers familiar with your services, documentation, and information.